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Time-lapse Fail

I just got back from a trip to Oahu. I did not get many chances to shoot beaches, so I thought I would at least capture the city life while I was there.

One evening, I found this interesting location and I setup all my gear and was waiting for the light to be just right. After a few minutes of waiting around I got bored and started messing around with my camera, in the “we’re just friends” kind of way. I happened upon an option for “time-lapse” somewhere deep in the menu system. What the heck? My camera can do time-lapse?!

This was an awesome surprise so I decided to try it out while I was waiting. I setup what I though was the right parameters and proceeded to wait while my camera automatically took pictures every second for fifteen minutes. I was salivating by the time it finished and imagined a grandiose video but all I got was this five seconds of glory …

This is not exactly what I had envisioned, but it did help me figure out the secret sauce to making time-lapse videos:

1) 10-20 hours of free time
(not likely with small children since they get hungry or have to poop every 5 minutes)

2) A skate board to roll the camera on
(this will require immense patience since I have to roll it about 10 feet in the span of 10-20 hours)

3) Samuel L. Jackson as a narrator
(last time I asked him to narrate my daughter’s two year birthday party video he started reciting some verse from the bible about smiting his enemies or something)