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The Burning Shrine

My one regret in college was not having studied abroad. Since then, I have overcompensated by finagling time off from work to dart off in search of adventure. You would think that the natural disasters and near-death experiences that usually accompany my travels would make me reconsider, but I guess I am just old-school stubborn like that. It is an acquired charm.

In this particular chapter of my adventures, my older brother and I flew out to Japan to meet up with my younger brother. He had been studying out there for a few months and had forgotten his vitamins so, naturally, we had to bring them over in person. I was finally fulfilling my childhood dream to visit the place where Super Mario was conceived (strictly figuratively speaking). Although I did not meet Mario or Luigi’s creator, I did get to travel around for a week and experience Japanese culture.

One of the places we visited was a little island in the South called Itsukushima (popularly know as Miajima). As soon as we docked on the picturesque island we were greeted by a well organized mob of deer. Yup, picture Bambi with a bit of an edge x20. They surrounded us and sniffed us a bit before deciding we meant no harm and then sauntered off. This was not my first, nor would it be my last, close encounter with organized gangs of animals … more on that in later posts.

Anyway, just a short walk up the path we came across this Shinto shrine which I later learned is a UNESCO World Heritage Site otherwise known as “Itsukushima Shrine”. I wish I could tell you with 100% certainty that I took this picture, but my older brother and I were taking turns with the camera, so it may very well have been his picture. Either way, I posted it first, so I win . =)

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