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Lost in the Enchanted Woods

It made no sense. Maya had followed the imp's instructions perfectly and yet she was lost in the labyrinth of the enchanted woods. Hadn't that mischievous little creature said to take a left past the old water wheel and follow the stream all the way down to the fork in the road? It was surely going to get dark soon and the forest spirits had been in a foul mood this past winter.

She had grown up listening to the elders tell the stories of children who would wander into the woods alone and never come out. A shiver ran down her spine. She looked around and found no comfort in the beautiful landscape. There had to be a way out, she could not let the magical vial of Arctic water hanging around her neck be lost to the world. Not when it could change the course of the strange illness Gaia had befallen. She sat down and chanted the short prayer her mother had taught her as a toddler. Maya slowly opened one eye and looked around hoping that she had somehow been magically transported back to her village, but she was still stranded in the middle of the forest. It was worth a try.

As she got up and dusted off her dress, Maya felt a light gaze behind her. She spun around with alarming speed and saw a girl staring at her from a small clearing. There was a slight translucent quality to her body as the little girl beckoned her with a warm smile and began walking deeper into the woods. Ok, kinda creepy ... but Maya had no choice but to follow her and hope she would not be the subject of another children's story. She gathered up her will and ran after her new best friend.