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Lady Surfer vs Muay Thai Master

I wonder what she was thinking at precisely this moment?

When I see something like this happen in front of my eyes, my mind instantly goes through these steps:

1: Determine whether what you just saw actually happened.
- If true, then proceed to step 2.
- If false, then pick a new lunch place because the taco truck is serving psychedelic salsa.

2: Is the person in said situation hurt and in need of help?
- If true, then call 911 and get ready to french kiss a stranger and likely sleep on the couch that night (emergency or no emergency).
- If false proceed to step 3.

3: Chuckle to yourself from a safe distance and know that you are likely to be next (karma is a fair mistress).

Happily, the lady surfer was just fine; however, I was still left wondering how it all happened and what she must have been thinking. No need to fret because my imagination can fill in the gaps for you with about 5% to 95% certainty:

Extrapolating from the information I have, it looks like this poor girl was just going about her business when Sagat did a Tiger Punch in the water and sent three big waves at her from behind. That lanky Muay Thai Street Fighter character caught her completely off guard.

How would you feel if this happened to you? I would have been in a state of bewildered, seething anger until I found out who did it and then I would do a quick assessment to see if I could avenge my honor without incurring physical harm. In this case, the surfer girl had no chance against the seasoned Street Fighter so she just quietly collected her board, brushed her hair out of her face and walked off the beach with dignity.

Seriously, this is why Ryu beat him down; the guy just has no respect for lady surfers.

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