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The Magic Carpet

It is interesting how most of our day is spent perceiving the world from the vantage point afforded to us by our particular height. From my lofty stance of 5 foot-meh, I tend to focus my attention on things that are within a 15 degree radius from my eye-level (think of a cone extending outward from your eyes). I am willing to bet that most of us hardly venture past the visibility of our cones of view more than a few times a day. It makes you wonder what you are missing. Wouldn’t it be interesting if the world ceased to exist where you are not paying attention and only then materialized when you put your attention to it?

Anyway, not to get too metaphysical on you, but my point is that we tend to miss a bunch of cool stuff when we limit our point of view. If I had not bothered to look up while walking up the stairs of San Francisco’s City Hall, I would have totally missed this fantastic ceiling. Look how much detail and attention the designers gave to its construction and to think that most people who enter this place will probably miss it. That is true love for the art … putting together something that is completely awesome and not caring if anyone sees it.

About This Photo
I am going to start putting up more details on how I made these pictures to give you a behind the scenes idea of how I arrived at the final image. I hope this is helpful from a technical aspect but I also hope it inspires you to try your hand at creating photos.

This is an HDR photo taken with three different brackets (-2, 0, +2). I almost always use a tripod because it is important to have three identical photos and it gives you the best chance at having sharp pictures. I then used Photomatix to tonemap the three images into a single photo and then applied some PhotoTools finishing touches to bring out the colors a bit. The final touch was to apply the unsharp mask in Photoshop to sharpen the details. What I was going for is an abstract, detail-rich photo that almost looks like a magic carpet.

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