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The Megalopolis

My previous attempt to make it up to Jin Mao Tower by sunset was foiled when our driver took a wrong turn and deposited us into the 9th circle of Shanghai-traffic hell. We were nearing the end of our stay in China and I still had not gotten any “I am looking down on you mere mortals”, shots so I was extra determined to get here. On this day, I had already dragged my family to Suzhou and back and we were dangerously low on fun-happy-sparkles-energy because our last meal had been over fourteen hours ago (except for the baby, she eats a man-sized meal every two hours). The baby gave me an annoyed look as I used her as an excuse to bypass the huge line to the elevator that took us to the observation deck. A quick ride up to the top and the doors opened up to reveal pandemonium.

There were droves of Chinese tour groups, school kids and guides with megaphones waving those silly flags around. It was a photographer’s nightmare. I found a place for my family to sit down while I squeezed through hot, sweaty masses of people to finally find this spot. I waited for the light to be just right, fired off a few shots and got the heck out of there. Even as we were in the elevator just about to escape the craziness, an old man decided to jump out as the doors were closing. Oh man …

I wish I could say the rest of the evening went any better, but we ended up spending over $100 dollars on crappy food at a fancy restaurant and having to make a quick exit as the baby’s good will finally ran out and she let us have it. My poor family endured a lot to get this shot, but now that a few weeks have gone by and emotions are no longer raw, they saw the final product and begrudgingly decided it was worth it. Thanks for your patience ladies. Enjoy the view of Shanghai’s sprawling megalopolis at your leisure. =P

… this photo looks awesome on a big screen … you can almost see the big boss through the window, yelling at his employees in the building 30 miles away.

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