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Tutelage (2 of 2)

A couple of years into my career, I got a chance to travel to Cambodia. The impetus was a desperate need to get as far as possible from excel spreadsheets (I still love you excel, don’t be like that, baby). I decided to book a trip to Thailand and Cambodia for one month with a friend. Much to my surprise, my boss gave me the time off and promised to keep my seat warm upon my return. Yay, me! This singular moment would later encourage further travel-bug behavior, so thank you good sirs at consulting inc..

I will not get into the specifics of the Thailand part of the trip, but needless to say that a good time was had by all – except for my friend who suffered from a weak strain of malaria, a leg through a bamboo raft, multiple counts of explosive poopie, a moped nose-dive and a few stitches. I made my way to Siem Reap airport, paid the nice government officials some cash monies for my visa, walked outside and hired a moped driver. You have to understand that riding tandem on mopeds is a necessity in this part of the world, so don’t judge me for holding on to another dude’s waist while speeding into adventure. That’s what men do there.

I spent five glorious days in Siem Reap climbing over ruins, sidestepping landmines and taking pictures of all these amazing vestiges of a long-ago era. These pictures were taken in the most famous of the temples, Angkor Wat. I spent a solid day here exploring every single nook of the magnificent temple and tried to hide during sundown when the guards kick all the tourists out. I was thisss close to pulling it off, but a little German girl rated me out. I would have had a mighty adventure if it were not for you little German girl …

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