Favorites - Christian OZ
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Through Dreams

It was not often that a person yet living was allowed to visit the realm of dreams, let alone the source itself. The Tree of Dreams had been created at the beginning to govern the ebb and flow of the dreaming. In its leaves it held all possibilities, all combinations of probable and improbable. The heights of delirium and the depths of despair were intertwined in its branches and scattered into the wind to reach their dreamers. Most importantly, the tree was tied to all sentient beings in all the realms of existence. That was the key to finding his mother. He just had to figure out which dream had been created for her and follow the leaf to find her.

The Three Sages who had helped bring him here had neglected to teach him how to commune with the tree, let alone sift through the billions of dreams without going mad in the process. He walked around the tree for hours looking for a way to unlock its secret but found nothing other than the gentle swaying of its colorless branches upon a ghost wind which never touched his skin. Time had no meaning in this place. Hours became days which turned into years. As the decades wore on, he lost himself in a sea of abstract vastness as he watched the ghost wind carry away the leaves into the aether. For the first time since he started this long journey he began to feel despair.

He had once lived under the light, trusting and believing that faith would guide him through life. That belief had been torn asunder with the violent abduction of his mother and he had since scorned the light and relied only on his strength and will to overcome any obstacle. That was all irrelevant now as he felt the last glimpse of hope leave him. He was void of all emotion as he looked up at what he thought was heaven and pleaded for help as he had often done in his childhood. All at once he felt a surge of warmth that lifted up his spirit and filled him with an acute certainty that he would find his mother, and live in peace once again. He turned to the Tree of Dreams and its leaves now burned red with life as he felt dreams come in and out of being. He recalled a fond memory of his mother and was thus drawn to the singular leaf that was connected to her. He reached out and became one with the leaf as it sailed past time and space to reunite them at long last.