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Door to the Other Side

If you found yourself roaming a desolate Tibetan Monastery and came across this blood-red door, would you walk through it? Of course you would! There is an inescapable human need to explore, especially when the outcome is uncertain. I don’t pretend to understand this primal human impulse or why it runs counter to our innate survival instinct, but I tend to follow it more often than not. Usually it turns out great, but sometimes I nearly end myself …

I was walking down a wide alley when I came across this door and had to do a double take. It was practically begging me to open it! I walked up to the door with the intense focus I usually get before an eminent trespass and I pushed up against it with my hands. At first it did not budge, so I put my shoulder into it softly and pushed harder. It begrudgingly started to open with a low rumbling noise and I was flooded with endorphins before I was rudely brought back to reality by a whistling sound.

Excitement turned to panic as I looked around for the source of the sound. The alley was empty. Had the noise come from the other side of the door? Well, I was not about to be stopped by a little sound so I went back to work on the door when I heard the same little whistling sound. I quickly backed away from the door and if I had been burned and that is when I noticed the old monk at the window sill above the door. He was looking at me wearing a pleasant, yet mischievous smile as he shook his finger at me.

Curses! Now I will never know what was on the other side. Monk wins this round.

Monk – 1
Christian – 0