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Tree of Hope

Now that Christmas is almost upon us and everyone is getting ready for the big fat man in the red pajamas to swan dive down their chimneys, I thought I would post a nice holiday picture. This 19 foot tree is officially called the Tree of Hope. The nice folks at San Francisco City Hall asked the community to submit their written hopes and wishes for the future of our global community and turned them all into origami cranes for decoration. What a beautiful symbol of peace and love …

However, I believe there is more to this albino tree than meets the eye. Upon closer inspection, I noticed a few odd things that piqued my interest:
1) The tree is securely chained to the ceiling
2) There is a velvet rope surrounding the tree
3) The tree sits precisely in the middle of a dark circle on the floor
4) Towards the top you can see two men carved into the wall … just watching as if they were sentries

If you have ever see the movie “Night at the Museum” where all the exhibits come alive at night, then you would understand the signs above are conclusive indications that the tree is a clear danger to society and the folks at City Hall had to take preventative measures to ensure it would not break free and go rampaging across San Francisco. The chain is the first line of defense, followed by the velvet ropes that turn into lasers when activated. If that is not enough then the circle kicks in and forms a containment field. If the mighty albino tree somehow manages to break through those three barriers then the little men carved into the walls have to bust out their Greco Roman wresting moves or the city gets it. I feel bad for the Greco Romans .. it is hard to fight naked. I suppose this is the risk we take for having such a beautiful Christmas tree. Sleep easy San Francisco.

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