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Look Up

I have a selective memory. For the most part I remember those positive moments that spike up on the Richter scale of our lives and I tend to forget the dips. It is not like I consciously try to do this, but it just seems to be the way my memory works. Now, as you can imagine, this sounds great but it also presents some challenges. If I met my mortal enemy from elementary school today, I would not even remember him and he would probably relieve me of my Legos yet again.

I have always been fascinated by the sky. In high school, I remember having a strong suspicion that I would meet my maker driving off the side of the road while distractedly looking up at a beautiful sunset. I still have that habit, but I try to keep it in check now that I have a young family that needs their husband/daddy to be around for a long while longer.

My long running fascination with the heavens is nothing I need to analyze too much. It is simply an admiration of nature’s scandalous display of beauty. When there is a particularly awesome scene up on display, I often look around at the people going about their day as if nothing was happening and I am always a bit shocked that they don’t just stop and stare. How the heavens can they resist the urge to lie down on the ground and just watch the sky?! I stopped trying to understand it, so I just pretend it is a private showing for me as I stand in everyone’s way, staring up with my mouth open.

I took this picture recently while driving home from work. I wish I could have pulled over to get a few more shots so you could see how amazing the entire sky looked, but this one was pretty interesting. I love it so much that I wanted to show you a couple of other takes of the same shot. I hope you enjoy.

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